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We can perform a comprehensive wind mitigation inspection for your condo, town home, single-family home or commercial structure.

- T. Roy, Orlando, FL

"$712 a year savings on my town home! Thanks Inspect & Save!"


When you choose to work with our team, you're choosing to work with our 25 years of industry expertise. We can help you save big today!


  • What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection and do I need one? According to a 2001 Florida Law, you must provide your insurance provider with a certified Wind Mitigation Report. This certifies the construction features of your home, condo, town home or commercial structure.

  • If this has been the law since 2001, why haven't I heard about this before? Insurance companies didn't have to tell anyone about it until September of 2007!

  • Will I qualify, and if so, how much of a savings is possible? Over 90% of existing homes – and even some older homes – already have at least one qualifying Wind Mitigation feature.

  • Who can perform a wind mitigation inspection? Florida law requires that these inspections be performed by a State of FL licensed building professional, such as a certified Contractor, Architect or Engineer, like us!

  • I'm ready to start saving, how do I get the ball rolling? Just give us a call today!

  • How long does the inspection take? Anywhere  around 20-30 minutes.

  • How long do these discounts last? Five years.

  • Who files the report? We provide both you and your insurance provider with a comprehensive report to save you time.

  • If I want to do this, should I wait for my Insurance Policy to renew? Your discounts will become available the day your inspection is completed. The unearned portion or your current policy will be refunded by check from your insurer.